Chantel Beam is a photographer,  cinematographer, and sometimes director. Based out of Oakland, their work is an homage to their love for the world of queer nightlife. As a non-binary queer person, Chantel explores that culture in their work, taking time to showcase the cool queers in their life. Beside the grime often featured in Chantel’s work is the ethereal- Inspired equally by their childhood of classical dance training and John Water's movies . As a teen, they began photographing hardcore shows at small music venues in Orange County.  In 2009 they moved north to attend film school at San Francisco State University, where they were introduced to shooting movies on celluloid.  They graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in cinema production and settled down in the Bay.  

   Chantel's work is constantly meshing worlds that inspire them; what can only be described as the union of a dreamlike state and filthy camp- a vision of colors and vulgarity.

Instagram: @chantelbeam

TikTok: @stinkyminky420

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